got tagged by thedahlingdarling sellestiall and fabferre to do the 6 fave selfie thing, but i couldnt pick just 6, so here’s 9 instead
and im gonna tag faefriend transmad0ka gemcaves themegalodon kucala eldergay inside-starlight and hmmmmmm anyone else who wants to do it!!!


sonic inspires people to refuse work. sonic is the instigator of communist revolution. i cant believe it.

tbh i haven’t been able to read most books for a while???like i can read fanfic w/o a problem and then there’s a few books i can reread, but then its like???theres a ton of books i just never got through and idk i wanna finish them and start some new ones, but every time i try i just??can’t get through more than a few pages

Not one single hurtful thing ever got changed by someone grinning and bearing it.

Hurtful things changed because people have said ‘That hurts me. Stop.’

And every time you try to silence someone and tell them that they shouldn’t be hurt, shouldn’t be offended, shouldn’t choose this battle, that this isn’t important and that other things are more important - you are serving the hurtful rather than the hurt.

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Hey happy birthday! U a cutie who is the best sonic ever

aahhhhhh thank u!!!!

silly girl, you're not sonic, your hair is purple now, you're a bad sonic recolor
  1. wow nice misgendering! sure doesn’t make u sound awful or just make me roll my eyes! (sarcasm)
  2. i might be a sonic recolor but im cooler than u will ever be tbh
  3. like who the heck sends these messages to anyone, let alone to someone on their birthday?
  4. i just kinda can’t stop laughing like why would u even send a message like this holy heck its more funny than anything, like i can tell its trying to be insulting but its funnier more than anything
  5. seriously tho ur an awful person for even being willing to send a message like this and i hope u feel bad for this, but u prob wont since u were willing to send it at all anyways


blows my mind that women are considered shrill and whiny when all i have to do is insinuate that male feelings are not my #1 priority at all times and every indignant male in a 500 mile radius comes out of the woodwork to let me know how they feel

i dont really know where all the new followers im getting are coming from but hi!!im heather and i post a lot of harry potter, les mis, and sj stuff

if u need anything tagged that ur not sure if i do, or i dont already, please let me know and i’ll def start tagging it if i ever reblog or post anything w it!!!!

uh im totally up for talkin to ya (both to new followers and old followers) and i dont tend to start convos, but im def up for having them!!!!tho occasionally it might take me a lil while to respond (and if i forget to, im def not offended at all to get lil reminder messages since i tend to be v forgetful when it comes to a bunch of things)



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Oh you know, just one of those mornings were George Takei responses on your wall  :)

"We are fortunate photographers captured these images before they are lost forever to us." ~ George Takei

"We’re not vanishing indigenous people and we’re not fking house keys that can be lost. If we "disappear" it is because of the purposeful genocide we continuously face and have managed to survive for hundreds of years. The idea of the vanishing native is very much based on anti-native/indigenous racism at its roots." ~Sloane Corneliusfeeling amazed with Sloane Cornelius.


the three best messages ive gotten from people over facebook today is the one from logan where she typed out the first part from the birthday song in bare the musical (which i got her into a while ago), tcm sleepiestofbuns ‘s really sweet message about how cool i am (like a v tiny fiery anime character that’s intense about intersectional feminism is what i aspire to be), and then justin tauwowdah ‘s message that just said ‘womb’


get into the habit of not assuming a person’s gender


The whiskers are on. 😝😺